Color Options

Our colors are designed to be vivid, stunning, and versatile.  We created our 3 stain colors to bring out the natural beauty of the Tiger Maple wood grain.  

 Autumn Wheat

Autumn Wheat is the lightest of our 3 colors.  The darker tones resemble a deep honey -- which is complemented by the light wheat shades.   

 Fiddle Wood

Fiddle Wood is the middle color.  The Fiddle Wood color was inspired by the old wooden handles used on fiddles and guns.  Fiddle Wood has deep rich browns contrasted by light gold tones.  

 Modern Mahogany

 Modern Mahogany is the darkest of the 3 colors.  We thought the traditional mahogany was getting a bit drab --- so we spiced it up.  The dark tones range from dark purple to near black.  The dark tones are highlighted by purples, reds, and browns.